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All-Inclusive Employee Wellness Program

We work with HR teams, Office Managers, Employee Engagement & Culture teams and more, offering customized programs throughout the year to keep your employees healthy, supported and feeling connected, whether they are in office, hybrid, or remote. Keep your team connected, engaged and inspired throughout the year with a robust wellness program. This is a tailored, all-inclusive employee wellness program that provides your workplace with interactive wellness sessions, team challenges, and newsletters. Our wellness program keeps your team connected, supported, and makes small but mighty steps to generate big improvements in their overall health and well-being.

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Interactive Virtual Wellness Sessions

This 1-hour wellness session is hosted live on Zoom or your organization's preferred meeting platform. Each session includes an interactive quiz or activity along with movement and mindfulness breaks throughout the presentation plus a Q & A period at the end. After the session, an actionable handout is provided and recordings can be made available for up to 30 days for those who can't attend live. Most popular topics include:


  • Understanding Stress & Burnout

  • Boost Your Immunity

  • Protecting Yourself Against the Winter Blues

  • Mindfulness for Working Professionals

  • Master Your Gut Health

  • Exploring Food & Mood

  • Healthy Sleep & Self-care

  • Boost Your Productivity While Working From Home

  • Relationship Building

  • Monotasking

  • The Procrastination Elephant

Custom sessions available upon request. In-person sessions available.

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Virtual Team Workshops

Each workshop includes a planning template and shopping list to get prepared with your ingredients well in advance. Our virtual workshops are designed so that you not only learn about a wellness topic but you also learn how to master these skills from the comfort of your kitchen. These workshops are hands-on and highly interactive. Nutrition workshops are led by a Culinary Nutrition Expert.

Virtual Yoga Sessions

Sessions can range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes and are delivered by registered yoga instructors. Experience unlimited motivation and support throughout each session. Our classes require no special equipment and focus on areas for improved posture and mobility, especially while at your desk.

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Virtual Meditation Sessions

Build upon a yoga session or host separate mindfulness, breath work and meditation sessions for your employees lead by our trained mediation coaches. Empower your employees with the tool of meditation to combat any stressful situation.

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Ask Us Anything Sessions

These sessions were created to have the experts at your fingertips! These 30 to 60 minute sessions include a less structured format where your team can take this opportunity to ask any questions related to health & wellness. Surveys are sent out for those who want to ask anonymously. We offer customization and themes as well as the option to incentivize your employees by including a raffle prize for participation!

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Team Challenges

Team challenges are not only there to supplement the content covered in our wellness sessions, but to boost camaraderie and social connection in the workplace, as individuals learn how they can become better together, while encouraging each other along the way. From movement, to mindfulness, to nutrition challenges, we provide the challenge and your team provides the fun! From emails to suggestions for inter-office communications, we set you up for success. Encourage your team members to stick to their health and wellness goals and try new things! Most popular challenge options include:


  • Find Your Zen

  • Practicing Gratitude 

  • Get Moving

  • Healthy Breakfast


Want to have your employees engaged in wellness more frequently? Curated monthly emails to your organization help retain engagement and provide helpful resources in line with current events and monthly themes. Monthly or quarterly newsletters can be on customizable wellness topics to keep your employees engaged in wellness throughout the year.

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Wellness Boxes

Send curated wellness boxes, hand-picked by certified Nutritionists - delivered to your organization or employees' doorsteps. Staff appreciation, birthdays, holiday celebrations and more. Send your employee's healthy, safe, and thoughtful boxes that show you care about their overall wellness at work, home and everywhere in between.

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