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Boost Your Energy

Do you feel as though you are always tired? Is it a struggle to roll out of bed everyday? Do you have that 3pm crash? (You know…that one…that one that can only be fixed with a tasty, sugary sweet, coffee or croissant?) The secret to upping your energy isn’t about taking some crazy supplement or superfood cocktails with ingredients you can’t even find. Boosting your energy is MUCH easier than you may think. How do you increase your energy levels to new heights? There is one thing you will need to do: cut down on sugar. I know that might sound really scary and a little dramatic. But the fact of the matter is sugar has zero health benefits or nutritional value, and actually uses and can deplete us of our vitamins and minerals. Not only that, but sugar actually feeds our bad gut bacteria, which can lead to more than just low energy (moodiness, PMS, anxiety, stress and many more). So, sugar not only doesn’t provide any nutritional value, but it actually takes from us. If you are over: – feeling tired the second you wake up – walking around like a zombie until 10am – cravings sweets and bread and coffee every afternoon around 2/3pm – feeling exhausted after work and not motivated to get to the gym or do anything fun …Maybe it is time to cut out sugar. Now, don’t get scared thinking… what am I supposed to do then? Here are 3 easy ways to reduce your sugar intake starting TODAY…. 1. Stop drinking all of the soda’s, juices and coffee and tea full of teaspoons of sugar. Opt for water flavoured with cut up fruits and vegetables. Some of my favourite herbal teas are Rooibos, mint and dandelion. 2. Eliminate all the white stuff. This includes bread, pasta, or baked goods. These have most of the nutrients removed and have little fiber to slow down your blood sugar from being spiked. 3. Skip the sugary sauce. Before you slather it all over your meat or vegetables, take a look at how much sugar is that ketchup, teriyaki or salad dressing. Keeping in mind that 1 teaspoon is 4 grams, It’s pretty shocking! Alright, there you have it. Getting rid of all of the sugar will do wonders for your health. Try just one of the 3 things this week and see how you go!


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