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5 Questions to Ask a Nutritionist

Thinking of working with a nutritionist to improve your overall health and well-being, but not sure where to start? Check out some of the following questions for your nutritionist that could help act as a jumping off point on your wellness journey.

1. What are some simple changes that could improve my nutrition?

Let’s start with the basics. Once you’ve chatted with your nutritionist about any goals or symptoms you would like to address, start exploring the simplest tweaks you could make.

We are creatures of habit. And that means that making changes to our routines is going to take time and patience. Rather than trying to overhaul everything at once, ask them to help you identify a couple key, sustainable changes you can make.

2. Are there important nutrients my diet might be missing?

We all have foods we love, foods we may not, and foods we may simply not think to eat. Because all foods have different nutrient profiles, this can mean we end up consuming high amounts of certain nutrients, while having low amounts of others. And unfortunately nutrient deficiencies can lead to a variety of ailments.

Speaking with a nutritionist about which nutrients you might be missing out on, as well as how to improve absorption of those nutrients, could go a long way.

3. What do my digestive symptoms mean?

All too often people think of symptoms such as gas, bloating, indigestion or constipation as simply being “how their digestion is”. But it doesn’t need to be this way. In fact, living with these digestive symptoms can cause stress on the body which can contribute to a variety of stress-related conditions.

If your belly isn’t feeling well, there’s no need to feel like that’s “just how it is”. Chat with a nutritionist about what might be at work.

4. How do I know if I'm intolerant of certain foods?

Each of our bodies is unique. And that means some foods will help us feel great, while others might not. Sometimes the symptoms of food intolerance can be subtle and hard to link directly to which foods we’re eating.

That’s why the objective support of a nutritionist can be so helpful. A nutritionist could connect you with necessary testing if needed, or create a protocol to help identify any foods you might be intolerant to.

5. How can I improve my sleep?

In the wellness world a lot of attention gets paid to nutrition and exercise. But one of the pillars of wellness often gets ignored — and that's sleep.

Sleep is the time when our bodies are able to catch up on all the processes they weren’t able to get done during the day. It is a time for restoration and strengthening. While we sleep our bodies work on our immune systems, they clean out old tissues and build new ones… the list is virtually endless.

So if we aren’t sleeping well, all of this can be thrown out of whack. There are many nutrition and wellness practices that can support improved sleep quality so have a chat about what your nutritionist might suggest.

Learn more

If you and your team could benefit from chatting with a nutritionist, consider booking an Ask Us Anything Session. In it you’ll have a chance to connect with a member of our nutritionist team and ask them all your burning questions!


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