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How to build a successful employee wellness program

Research has shown that wellness programs can improve workers' health, reduce healthcare costs, and may even reduce absenteeism by 14-19%. In addition, 84% of employers reported that wellness plans have resulted in higher productivity and performance. The evidence indicates that wellness programs can offer many benefits for both workers and employers.

But not all wellness plans are created equally. How can you ensure your wellness program will provide the most rewards for employee and employer alike? Read on to learn more.

Designate a wellness leader

Someone needs to lead the wellness charge. This can be a single person or a group, depending on resources, interest, and the size of the company. Fortunately, this doesn't need to be a massive time commitment. If your wellness leader reaches out to us here at Freshtalk Wellness, we can have a chat about what you're looking for and put together a plan that works for your team's goals and budget.

Ensure you're offering what the team needs

In order to ensure employees are getting the most out of what's being offered to them, it's crucial that a wellness plan be designed for those it will serve. At Freshtalk, for instance, we offer wellness talks, yoga/meditation workshops, wellness gift boxes, team challenges, and more. How do you ensure you're selecting offerings that your team will get the most out of?

The simplest way to get started is by sending out an anonymous survey with clear questions such as:

  • Which day and time of the week would you be most likely to attend a wellness session?

  • Rank the following wellness offerings from most helpful for you, to least (i.e. 30-minute virtual yoga class, live cooking demonstration, complimentary wellness box)

  • Which subject would you find most helpful to learn about? (i.e. stress and burnout, healthy sleep, gut health, improving mood with food)

From there you can ensure you're putting together a wellness plan that will have the biggest impact on your team's health and wellbeing.

Keep it going

Once you've got the ball rolling, it's important to keep focused on your team's wellness. This can be as simple as sending out a monthly newsletter with information and resources, or as invested as bi-weekly workshops and ongoing team challenges. Whatever you choose, we're here to help. Shoot us an email at for more information.


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